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What is Auto Hail Repair?

Simply put: Dent Art PDR will remove your dents without bondo and painting. Or replace/repair and paint the panels that are too severe for PDR. This insures that your vehicle will be repaired completely and professionally through Dent Art PDR.

Do I have to go where my insurance company tells me to go?

NO! By law, the choice is yours. If you do choose their shop, you will pay your deductible. They are under contract and must charge you. Dent Art PDR is as reputable as any company they recommend – we just pass the savings on to you.

What if I do not get my car fixed?

The paid amount of your unrepaired hail damage will be deducted from any future claims on your vehicle.

How long do I have to get my car fixed?

Insurance checks are normally good for 180 days. However, your estimate is based on current labor and part rates. Waiting will also increase your risk for “unrepaired damage” complications.

Will hail damage make my insurance rates go up?

No. Insurance companies classify claims into two categories: (1) Collision, and (2) Comprehensive. Hail damage is comprehensive claim and is considered and act of God. Acts of God will not increase your insurance rates.

What if I do not have a rental car coverage?

Since most cars can be repaired in one day, Dent Art PDR will provide you with a shuttle service. If more time is required, we will provide a free rental car.

What type of results can I expect from Dent Art PDR?

At Dent Art PDR, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed in writing with a national warranty to back it up.


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